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New Product Range: Organic Trace Essentials™
NTS are excited to announce the much anticipated release of our organically certified liquid trace element range – Organic Trace Essentials™!
The Organic Trace Essentials™ range (Australian Certified Organic Registered Farm Inputs (Restricted) AI456) includes:

NTS Organic Certified Trace Elements Range


 Each product in the range is available in the following pack sizes: 1 L, 5 L, 20 L, 200 L, 1000 L.


Plant Health Solutions & Australian Agseeds is a Brisbane and Lockyer Valley, QLD based distributor of fertilisers, bio-management products, micronised minerals, microbial inoculums and related products for commercial farming, horticulture and home landscaping uses. Our range of products includes biologically oriented components which can a) restore natural balance to soil and effectively create a healthier growing environment, and b) eliminate collateral damage and long-term degredation of soil fertility through their use.
We distribute highly engineered and beneficial products that facilitate the growth of remarkably healthy plants.
Whether it involves bacteria, fungi, humic, fulvic or mineral fertilization, we have a suitable solution!

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