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Australian Agseeds brings a fresh and innovative approach to the agricultural industry, acting as an effective conduit between the supplier/producer/manufacturer and the customer. 

The Team

     Robert Northway - Partner and senior agronomist

Bob has over 40 years’ experience as an agronomist. He has extensive experience in agribusiness, principally in the agricultural seed industry in sub-tropical and tropical Australia.  He is passionate about sustainable agriculture and helping smallholders in developing countries. In the last 10 years he has been involved in the commercialisation of agricultural biotechnology research outputs. He is a qualified corporate governance professional having held the roles of company secretary and director of a Biotech commercialisation company and two agribusiness start-up companies.

Debbie Northway – Partner and Information manager

Debbie is a qualified librarian and educator with access to a wide range of knowledge and information. She also helps Bob to keep his feet firmly on the ground.

James Northway – Website administrator and IT manager

James has an MBA with specific training in Business, IT and Networking

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PlantHealthSolutions.com.au is a Brisbane and Lockyer Valley, QLD based distributor of fertilisers, bio-management products, micronised minerals, microbial inoculums and related products for commercial farming, horticulture and home landscaping uses. Our range of products includes biologically oriented components which can a) restore natural balance to soil and effectively create a healthier growing environment, and b) eliminate collateral damage and long-term degredation of soil fertility through their use.
We distribute highly engineered and beneficial products that facilitate the growth of remarkably healthy plants.
Whether it involves bacteria, fungi, humic, fulvic or mineral fertilization, we have a suitable solution!

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