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Biological Products and Systems



Path-X (ACO R)


Microbe Culturing

100 Micron Filter Bag
Air Stones & Pipes Set
Brew Thermometer
Brewstar 1000 (Was Budget Brewstar)
Brewstar 1000 Venturi Head Kit
Brewstar 2500 Assembly (Was Brewstar Kit)
Brewstar 2500 Venturi Head Kit
Compost Tea Mesh Bag
Compost Tea Spear Kit
Dominate-B (Dangerous Goods Special Transport Requirements)

Dominate-F (ACO)
LMF (Liquid Microbe Food)
Tank Heater
Venturi Assembly


Microbial Mixes

Nutri-Life B.sub
Nutri-Life B.sub (ON SPECIAL)
Nutri-Life Bio-N (ACO)
Nutri-Life Bio-N (ACO)
Nutri-Life Bio-P (ACO) (NOP)
Nutri-Life Bio-Plex (ACO) (NOP)
Nutri-Life Myco-Force (ACO) (NOP)
Nutri-Life Platform (ACO)
Nutri-Life Root-Guard (ACO) (NOP)
Nutri-Life Sudo-Shield (ACO) (NOP)

Nutri-Life Sudo-Shield (ACO) (NOP) (ON SPECIAL)


Education and Training


Agricultural Books

A Biodynamic Farm
Agriculture In Transition
Ancient Mysteries, Modern Visions
COMPOST by Claire Foster
Compost ‐ What It Is, How It Is Made, …
Eco-Farm - An Acres Usa Primer
Fertility From the Ocean Deep
From the Soil Up
Gardening Down Under

Hands On Agronomy
How Can I Grow and Use Sprouts As Living Food?
How Can I Use Herbs in My Daily Life?
How To Grow Top Quality Corn
How to Make and Use Compost By Nicky Scott
Mainline Farming For Century 21
Mini Farming ‐ Guide to Fermenting
Mini Farming ‐ Guide to Vegetable Gardening
Mycelium Running
Natural Farming ‐ A Practical Guide

Nutrition Rules!
One Straw Revolution
Science In Agriculture
Sea Energy Agriculture
Seaweed And Plant Growth
Seaweed in Agriculture and Horticulture
Secrets Of The Soil
Soil Fertility
Successful Small Scale Farming

Teaming with Microbes
The Albrecht Papers Vol. 2
The Anatomy Of Life And Energy In Agricutlure
The Biological Farmer
The Farm As Ecosystem
The Non-Toxic Farming Handbook
The Polytunnel Companion
The Secret Life of Compost
The Soil and Health
The Soul Of Soil

The Three Up Tour - Workshop Manual
Tuning Into Nature
Weeds - Control Without Poisons
Weeds and What They Tell Us


Courses and Seminars

Certificate in Nutrition Farming® - 1 day
Certificate in Nutrition Farming® - Companion Offer (Price for you and your companion - Terms apply)
Certificate in Nutrition Farming® - Full 4 day Course


DVD's and CD's (While Stocks Last)

Growing Your Own Nutrition
Mental Wellness/reclaiming Forgotten Flavours
New Ways To Wellness
Prostate Empowerment
Seventy Ways To Wellness & Closing Forum
Taming The Flame
The Sait Sessions Part 1
The Sait Sessions Part 1
The Sait Sessions Part 2
The Sait Sessions Part 2

The Sait Sessions Part 2 (Extra Cd)
The Sait Sessions Part 3
The Sait Sessions Part 3
The Secrets Of Longevity & Seven Super Foods


Health and Wellness books

Nourishing Traditions
Nutrition And Physical Degeneration
Wild Fermentation


Equipment, Monitoring, Brewing and other

100 Micron Filter Bag
200L Drum Hand Pump
Air Stones & Pipes Set
Brew Thermometer
Brewstar 1000 (Was Budget Brewstar)
Brewstar 1000 Venturi Head Kit
Brewstar 2500 Assembly (Was Brewstar Kit)
Brewstar 2500 Venturi Head Kit
Compost Tea Mesh Bag
Compost Tea Spear Kit

Conductivity Solution 1413
Heat Treated Wooden Export Pallets
NTS Advanced Sap Extractor
NTS Beige Cap
NTS High-Pressure Sap Extractor
NTS Sap Extractor
Nitrate Standard Solution Set
Nutri-Tech Soil Test Core Sampler - Heavy Soil
Nutri-Tech Soil Test Core Sampler - Light Soil
PH Meter Kit (Eco)

Ph 4.0 Buffer Solution
Ph 7.0 Buffer Solution
Plant Sap & Soil Nitrate Meter
Plant Sap Conductivity Meter
Plant Sap Ph Meter
Plant Sap Potassium Meter
Plant Sap Sodium Meter
Plastic Pipettes
Potassium Standard Solution Set

Refractometer Cover Plate
Sharp Pocket Conductivity Meter C65
Sharp Pocket Conductivity Meter C66
Standard Pallets
Tank Heater
Venturi Assembly



D.o. Replacement Membrane
Nitrate Electrode
Potassium Electrode
Sodium Electrode
Twin Ph Electrode


Health and Wellbeing


Animal Health

Horse Saver (ACO)
Seachange Stock-Booster (Liquid) (ACO)
Stocksaver Vet (ACO)


Human Health

Bio-Bubble - 500ml
Bio-Bubble Gs - Gluten Sensitive
BioSpark Vitamin C Powder
Cocoji AntioxidaNTS
Digest‐Ease Probiotic Powder
Human Health Ph Strips
NTS LiverLove

Red Gold
Stevia Drops
Tamuskin Rejuvenation Butter
Vita-Green Defence


Nutrition Farming®


Fertilisers: Dry Mineral

Life-Force Base Blend (ACO)
NTS Soft Rock (ACO)
Nutri-Gyp Natural Gypsum (ACO)
Nutri-Mag Magnesite (ACO)
Nutri-Store 180
Nutri-Store Gold
Zeo-Tech (ACO)


Fertilisers: Liquid

Cloak Spray Oil (ACO)
Hot-Mix NPK
K-Rich (ACO)
Photo-Finish (ACO)
Potassium Silicate (ACO)

Trio (CMB) Fertigate
Trio (CMB) Foliar
Tsunami Super Spreader


Farm Saver® Range

Farm Saver Calcium Fulvate
Farm Saver Cop-Man Fulvate
Farm Saver Copper Fulvate
Farm Saver Fulvic Acid
Farm Saver Iron Fulvate
Farm Saver Liquid Fish (ACO)
Farm Saver Liquid Kelp (ACO)
Farm Saver Magnesium Fulvate
Farm Saver Manganese Fulvate
Farm Saver Multi-Min Fulvate

Farm Saver Multi-Plex
Farm Saver Sulfur Fulvate
Farm Saver Zim Fulvate
Farm Saver Zinc Fulvate
Farm Saver Zinc-Man Fulvate


Natural Soil-Life & Plant Growth Promoters

Aloe-Tech (ACO)
Amino-Tech (ACO)
Amino-max (ACO)
NTS Stimulate™ (ACO)
Nutri-Kelp (100% Soluble Powder) (ACO) (NOP)
Nutri-Sea Liquid Fish (ACO)
Nutri-Stim Saponins (Powder) (ACO)
Nutri-Stim Triacontanol (ACO)
Nutri-Tech Black Gold (See Safety Directions on label)
Root & Shoot

Sea-Change KFF
Sea-Change Liquid Kelp (ACO)
Sea-Change Liquid Kelp Foliar (ACO)
Tri-Kelp (ACO)


Nutri-Key Shuttle® Range

Nutri-Key Boron Shuttle
Nutri-Key Calcium Shuttle
Nutri-Key Copper Shuttle
Nutri-Key Hydro Shuttle ACO
Nutri-Key Iron Shuttle
Nutri-Key Magnesium Shuttle
Nutri-Key Manganese Shuttle
Nutri-Key Moly Shuttle
Nutri-Key Shuttle Seven
Nutri-Key Tri-Shuttle (BIZ)

Nutri-Key Tri-Shuttle (CBZ)
Nutri-Key Tri-Shuttle (Zim)
Nutri-Key Zinc Shuttle


Triple Ten™ Range

Triple Ten Range(including Premium Blend) (EOFY - JUNE SPECIAL)



NTS Humic Acid Granules (ACO)
NTS Fast Fulvic
NTS Fulvic Acid Powder (ACO)
NTS Liquid Humus (ACO)
NTS Nutri-Mate Organic Humates (ACO)
NTS Powdered Humic Acid (ACO)
NTS Soluble Humate Granules
NTS Stabilised Boron Granules (ACO R)
NTS Super Soluble Humate Granules (ACO) (NOP)


Micronised Mineral Suspensions

Calmag-Life Organic
Dia-Life Organic
Gyp-Life Organic
Lime-Life Organic
Mag-Life Organic
Phos-Life Organic


Nutrition Gardening®


Life Force® Home Range

Double Outlet Aerator
Life Force Gold
Life Force Microbe Brewer
Life Force Instant Humus (ACO)
Life Force Micro-Force Home Pack
Life Force Organic Blooms (ACO)
Life Force Organic Boost
Life Force Organic Seachange (ACO) (R)
Life Force Total Cover Refill
Life Force Trio Refill

Life Force® P Plus




Agronomic Services - Soil and Plant Analysis and Recommendations

Plant Analysis test standard
Soil Analysis test standard


Crop Guidelines and Recommendations is a Brisbane and Lockyer Valley, QLD based distributor of fertilisers, bio-management products, micronised minerals, microbial inoculums and related products for commercial farming, horticulture and home landscaping uses. Our range of products includes biologically oriented components which can a) restore natural balance to soil and effectively create a healthier growing environment, and b) eliminate collateral damage and long-term degredation of soil fertility through their use.
We distribute highly engineered and beneficial products that facilitate the growth of remarkably healthy plants.
Whether it involves bacteria, fungi, humic, fulvic or mineral fertilization, we have a suitable solution!

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