Agronomic Services - Soil and Plant Analysis and Recommendations

Agronomic Services  - Soil and Plant Analysis and Recommendations

Soil and Plant Therapy™

– Advanced Analysis Tools

Our agronomy team are renowned problem solvers. This unique testing and programming service provides the precision that builds profit.

Knowledge is Power

Soil Therapy™ is our attempt to increase your knowledge about your soil, the single most significant component of your success or failure as a grower or food producer. Your soil is the life-blood of your business, and, in this context, it is critically important to gain an understanding of the mechanics of soil fertility and nutrition.

Knowledge is power, and in any business enterprise, education confers the power to be profitable.

Try our service and discover the NTS difference. Boost yields and quality whilst increasing your profits. Nutrition Farming® is the next-generation approach to sustainable agriculture.


What is Soil Therapy™?

Soil Therapy™ is an in-depth fertility analysis service, which includes full programming recommendations compiled in a personalised manual. This is the basis of the Nutrition Farming® program, which provides a comprehensive analysis of soil test data. The personalised analysis manual provides the following information in an easily understood format:

·         Your levels versus ideal levels.

·         The all-important ratios that comprise the secret to growing success.

·         An analysis of excesses and deficits and suggestions relating to the management of these imbalances.

·         A one to five-star personalised fertility rating.

·         Base saturation figures.

·         Treatment program.

Nine out-of ten growers who utilise this service will return for Soil Therapy™ year after year because soil balancing, combined with biological activation, achieves results.



Soil and Plant Therapy™ Forms

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Soil Therapy™ (Australia)

Plant Therapy™ (Australia)

Soil Therapy™ (International)

Plant Therapy™ (International)


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