Farm Saver® Range

Farm Saver® Range

In response to the need for high quality, low cost fertiliser alternatives for growers, NTS has developed the Farm Saver® Range. Good trace mineral nutrition is critical for plant resilience, as micronutrients are key players in plant immunity. Pursuing crop resilience is a win/win scenario because anything that boosts resilience also lifts yields. Here, the high analysis minerals are naturally chelated with luxury levels of fulvic acid and kelp to form a complete fertiliser, delivered at a low cost.

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Farm Saver Calcium Fulvate
Farm Saver® Calcium Fulvate LOW PRICE – HIGH QUALITY The poorly translocated calcium ion requires foliar supplementation in all crops. Calcium in chelated form supported by a trace element blend for background nutrition Benefits Calcium governs the uptake of other ... more
Farm Saver Cop-Man Fulvate
Farm Saver® Cop-Man Fulvate LOW PRICE – HIGH QUALITY Copper and manganese are common dual deficits best addressed together. An inexpensive chelated blend of copper and manganese combined with a complete suite of other trace elements and plant growth promoters. Benefits... more
Farm Saver Copper Fulvate
Farm Saver® Copper Fulvate LOW PRICE – HIGH QUALITY Don’t ever ignore copper – the fungi fighter – it works better “in” the plant than “on” it. Copper is used widely as a fungicide but it is not often understood that it is better to s... more
Farm Saver Fulvic Acid
Farm Saver® Fulvic Acid LOW PRICE – HIGH QUALITY Fulvic acid in a liquid form – the most versatile and productive input in agriculture. Benefits A potent, natural chelating agent. Detoxifies pollutants in the soil. Offers drought resistance. Can improve ... more
Farm Saver Iron Fulvate
Farm Saver® Iron Fulvate LOW PRICE – HIGH QUALITY Iron – one of the most abundant elements in the universe – is often not available to plants. Luxury levels of iron can deliver two or three shades of deeper green to the plant. This chlorophyll density is a major d... more
Farm Saver Liquid Fish (ACO)
Farm Saver® Liquid Fish LOW PRICE – HIGH QUALITY A liquid fish fertiliser to improve soil health and plant growth. Benefits Australian Certified Organic (ACO) Registered Farm Input 456AI. A liquid fish fertiliser containing amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, macr... more
Farm Saver Liquid Kelp (ACO)
Farm Saver® Liquid Kelp LOW PRICE – HIGH QUALITY A unique liquid kelp formulation for high-production agriculture. Benefits Australian Certified Organic (ACO) Registered Farm Input 456AI. Low price and high quality. Contains three different kelp species for ... more
Farm Saver Magnesium Fulvate
Farm Saver® Magnesium Fulvate LOW PRICE – HIGH QUALITY Magnesium is to chlorophyll what iron is to blood. Magnesium nitrate is more rapidly absorbed than magnesium sulfate; when combined and complexed with fulvic acid and mannitol it can provide a powerful punch to address a ... more
Farm Saver Manganese Fulvate
Farm Saver® Manganese Fulvate LOW PRICE – HIGH QUALITY Manganese is a critically important trace mineral during reproduction. Manganese is important during seed germination and seed formation. Manganese Fulvate efficiently delivers this mineral along with a broad-spectrum of ... more
Farm Saver Multi-Min Fulvate
Farm Saver® Multi-Min LOW PRICE – HIGH QUALITY Inexpensive correction of costly hidden deficiencies. A well balanced blend of chelated trace minerals featuring a significant potassium kick for either vegetative growth or reproduction (fruit filling) Benefits Feat... more
Farm Saver Multi-Plex
Farm Saver® Multi-Plex LOW PRICE – HIGH QUALITY A 10-10-10 NPK complete liquid fertiliser with chelated trace minerals, bio-promotion and plant growth promoters. Farm Saver® Multi-Plex is a liquid fertiliser to improve overall plant and soil health. It consists of a ... more
Farm Saver Sulfur Fulvate
Farm Saver® Sulfur Fulvate LOW PRICE – HIGH QUALITY Sulfur, nitrogen, trace elements and natural synergists. Benefits Sulfur is essential for the synthesis of enzymes and vitamins; it increases the protein content of crops and promotes increased root development. ... more
Farm Saver Zim Fulvate
Farm Saver® ZIM Fulvate LOW PRICE – HIGH QUALITY ZIM Fulvate is about managing specific shortages most efficiently. Cluster deficits are best addressed together. Zinc governs the production of auxins – the hormones which determine leaf size. The lower the zinc level, th... more
Farm Saver Zinc Fulvate
Farm Saver® Zinc Fulvate LOW PRICE – HIGH QUALITY Zinc chelated with fulvic acid & mannitol. Zinc governs the production of auxins – the hormones which determine leaf size. The lower the zinc level, the smaller the leaf and an inadequate solar panel can prove very c... more
Farm Saver Zinc-Man Fulvate
Farm Saver® Zinc-Man Fulvate LOW PRICE – HIGH QUALITY Zinc and manganese are two of the most common dual deficits. Leaf size and reproductive intensity are affected when zinc and manganese are both deficient. Farm Saver® Zinc-Man Fulvate addresses this double troub... more
AUD$110.54 is a Brisbane and Lockyer Valley, QLD based distributor of fertilisers, bio-management products, micronised minerals, microbial inoculums and related products for commercial farming, horticulture and home landscaping uses. Our range of products includes biologically oriented components which can a) restore natural balance to soil and effectively create a healthier growing environment, and b) eliminate collateral damage and long-term degredation of soil fertility through their use.
We distribute highly engineered and beneficial products that facilitate the growth of remarkably healthy plants.
Whether it involves bacteria, fungi, humic, fulvic or mineral fertilization, we have a suitable solution!

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