Micronised Mineral Suspensions

Micronised Mineral Suspensions

Micronised Mineral Suspensions  (MMS)

It is now understood that plant availability is often a function of particle size i.e. the smaller the particle the more rapid the delivery of the nutrient to the plant. NTS has specialised in the development of Micronised Mineral Suspensions (MMS) to supply high analysis, liquid mineral fertilisers to take advantage of this phenomenon. Leaf analysis often reveals specific deficiencies that are best addressed using just the missing mineral rather than unwanted tag-ons i.e. Calcium without the nitrate addition or just magnesium without the sulphate addition. The MMS range is the perfect tool for precision nutrition.


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Calmag-Life Organic
CalMag-Life™ Calcium and magnesium are two of "The Big Four" elements which should be maintained at luxury levels for maximum productivity. A high-analysis source of micronised dolomite combined in a free-flowing suspension with fulvic acid. Calcium and magnesium should both be... more
Dia-Life Organic
Dia-Life™ Silicon is the missing link in many fertility programs. This cell-strengthener also plays a roll in photosynthesis and acts as a general tonic. Silicon can be a spectacular yield-builder. Recently boron has been identified as a silica synergist so this formula contains boron at ar... more
Gyp-Life Organic
Gyp-Life The introduction of the "clay buster" in liquid form allows ease of application and more precision in placement. A high-analysis source of micronised natural gypsum combined in a free-flowing suspension with fulvic acid. The soil conditioning capacity of gypsum is dramatical... more
Huma-Life™ Finally, a liquid humic acid material that is compatible with virtually everything. Micronised humates will revolutionise fertigation in years to come. Micronised Mineral Suspension is an exciting concept. Plant availability is based on increased surface area for microbial act... more
Lime-Life Organic
Lime-Life™ 40% (approx.) pure calcium, without the tag-ons, can be immensely valuable when calcium is deficient. Calcium is the king of minerals.  A high-analysis source of micronised calcite combined in a free-flowing suspension with fulvic acid. Calcium is the trucker of all miner... more
Mag-Life Organic
Mag-Life   Magnesium is the central ion in a chlorophyll molecule. The majority of crops require some liquid magnesium supplementation, regardless of soil levels.  A high analysis source of micronised magnesium carbonate combined in a free-flowing suspension with fulvic acid. Magn... more
Phos-Life Organic
Phos-Life™ Plant available calcium and phosphate, together in a single, high-analysis product, is not normally a possibility. The non-ionic nature of MMS products allows this highly productive combination. A high-analysis source of micronised guano combined in a free-flowing suspension w... more

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